Hey Back Rail Fastening System

The Hey Back Rail Fastening System is mainly used in the Nordic railway market, and BUCKLER RAILWAY has repeatedly exported Hey Back Rail Fastening products to customers in Finland, Sweden, and other countries.

Hey Back Rail Fastening System

The Heyback fastener system is primarily composed of several key components, including the J8/J9 Heyback spring, the AJR54/K54 tie plate, and coach screws. These components work together seamlessly to provide a secure and efficient fastening solution for railway tracks, regardless of the type of sleeper being used. By incorporating high-quality materials and innovative design features, the Heyback fastener system ensures that rails remain firmly in place, even under heavy use or extreme weather conditions. This makes it a top choice for railway companies looking to upgrade their infrastructure and provide safe, reliable transportation for their customers.

J8 Heyback spring clip

  • Model: J8 Heyback Spring
  • Weight: 0.55kg/pc
  • Material: 60Si2Mn

J9 Heyback spring clip

  • Model: J9 Heyback Spring
  • Weight: 0.64kg/pc
  • Material: 60Si2Mn

AJR54 tie plate

  • Model: AJR54/K54
  • Weight: 7.3kg/pc
  • Material: Material: 35# steel(equivalent to S275)

Advantages Hey Back Rail Fastening System

The hey-back rail fastening system is a revolutionary technology that has significantly improved the way railways are constructed and maintained. This hey-back rail fastening system is built with a specially developed tie plate and Heyback spring clip that, independent of how the tie plate is fixed to the sleeper, give a secure and elastic connection of the rail to the sleeper.

The hey-back rail fastening system’s capability to enable rails to be withdrawn and replaced quickly and easily, resulting in substantial time and cost savings, is one of its most striking qualities. This is accomplished by using a straightforward and effective mechanism that makes fitting and maintenance possible without the requirement of specialized equipment or experienced labor.

The hey-back rail fastening system is not only simple to use, but it is also very versatile and may be used with both concrete sleepers and wood sleepers. Due to its adaptability, it is the perfect option for railroad businesses wishing to modernize their infrastructure without significantly altering or changing current rail systems.

Another major benefit of the hey-back rail fastening system is its capacity to give railway tracks outstanding stability and support, especially in difficult circumstances. This is a result of the system’s exceptional design, which makes sure that the rail stays firmly in place even during heavy use or severe weather.

The railway industry has undergone a transformation thanks to the really revolutionary hey-back rail fastening mechanism. Its versatility, usability, and superior performance make it a top option for railroad firms wishing to upgrade their infrastructure and offer their customers safe, dependable service.