Rail Anchor

A rail anchor is used to clamp onto the base of rail snug against the crosstie both sides.

Rail Anchor

It is produced in one-piece from spring steel, aiming to eliminate the track sliding or expanding or contracting.
Rail anchors which made in one-piece construction from spring steel are designed to fasten the rail tight on the base of the rail to prevent the rail from longitudinal movements

Rail anchors are applied to the rail base directly and provide a large bearing surface against rail base and rail tie, preventing wear and cutting, and eventually to prolong the working life of the rail ties. According to specific rail weight and base width, anchors can be classified into two types: the Drive-on rail anchors and spring type rail anchor.
Rail anchors are produced in accordance with exacting quality standards, approved by Buckler Railway Quality Assurance Guarantee as well, with features as below:

  • With consistent style and high quality for right rail fit
  • ISO9001 certified rail anchors with higher longitudinal keeping power.
  • Fast, simple and safe usage
  • Available in drive-on or spring design.
  • Available for solutions of various different rail types and conditions

Application Rules of Rail Anchors

  • There are general rules on the application of rail anchors about how to use the rail anchors
  • In order to against the same tie face on opposite rails the rail anchors should be on the gage side of the rail base.
  • Rail anchors have to hold the rail base firmly and tightly and have full bearing against rail tie face.
  • When the bearing of rail anchor against the tie has been disturbed a new rail anchor and a rail tie will be needed.
  • Rail anchors should not be moved by driving them along the rail.
  • When the rail anchors are applied the rail ties should be kept straightened.

Rail anchors vary in shapes, such as Improved Fair, Unit V or Channeled, with processing way of rolling, forging or casting. The latter two types are usually produced by casting, due to its complicated bending.
We produce different types of rail anchors to compromise different rail sections including 85LB, 90LB, 115RE, 132REm UIC54, UIC60, 50kg, etc


Rail Anchors


Used for 50Kg, 85Kg,90/91LB, 115RE /136RE ,UIC54 & UIC60 rail

Chemical composition(%)

C:0.12-0.20, Mn:0.30-0.70, Si:≤0.3, P:≤0.045, S:≤0.045

C: ≤0.4, Mn:≤0.9, Si: ≤0.5, P:≤0.04, S:≤0.04

C:3.60-3.80, Mn:≤0.6, Si:2.50-2.90, P:≤0.08, S:≤0.025





Chemical composition (%)

 composition (%)
C:0.56-0.64, Mn:0.60-0.90, Si:1.60-2.00, Cr:≤0.35, P:≤0.03, S:≤0.03

C:0.42-0.50, Mn:0.50-0.80, Si:0.17-0.37, Cr:≤0.25, P:≤0.035, S:≤0.035

C:3.60-3.80, Mn:≤0.6, Si:2.50-2.90, P:≤0.08, S:≤0.025


plain (oiled),color painting

Anchor materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, F436M, SS304, SS316L, SPRING, TAPER, PLATE, SS316 etc. with “CE” certificate for Europe
Finish: yellow/blue/white zinc plated, hot dip galvanized
Wedge anchor with single/double clip type available.