Rail Clips

Rail elastic clip is used to fasten the rails to the underlying base plate together with the concrete sleeper. Usually rail clips are made of forged spring steel which is produced by hot forging process.

Rail Clips

Buckler Railway offer an extensive range of rail clips with optimum quality, these rail clips are designed with high precision and made up of premium grade spring steel. We do have the qualification to tender nationally large and medium scaled rail projects.

Production Processes of Elastic Rail Clips:

Rail clip processing procedures includes:

  1. Raw material purchasing
  2. Shearing
  3. Heating to forging temperature
  4. Forming
  5. Hardening
  6. Tempering
  7. Surface treatment
  8. Inspection-Packing

To produce rail clips usually use spring steel bar as the raw materials, before heating, raw materials must be sheared according to the length required. Then they are heated to 950℃ to 1000℃, next works transfer the heated bar to power press for forging, in accordance with drawing three sets of dies and fixtures are kept before hammering. The following procedure is to convey the forged rail clips to quenching tank. Then check the dimensional accuracy and quench hardness of the rail clips. The next procedure is tempering to achieve appropriate toughness in the spring. And the final step is to pack the rail clips after serious inspection.

Quality Control of Finished Elastic Rail Clips

Buckler Railway has strict test and completely authentication at every single step of manufacturing rail clips and a full set of quality control system, from raw material purchasing to the finished rail clip packing. We have a professional inspection team to check about each process of the production line.

Inspection Machines for Finished Rail Clips:

  • Brinell Hardness Tester
  • Carbons and Sulfur Analyzer
  • Rockwell Hardness Machine to test metallic materials
  • Automatic Impact Testing Machine
  • Metallographic Microscopes
  • Automatic High-Speed Analyzer
  • Fatigue Testing Machine
  • Metallographic Specimen Polishing Machine
  • Metallographic Specimen Pointing Machine

Standard(according to countries)


GB standard (China)

43KG, 50KG, 60KG, 75KG

AREMA standard (USA)

115RE, 119RE, 132/136RE, 141RE, 100-8, 122CB

AS standard (Australia)

31KG, 41/47KG, 50KG, 53KG, 60KG,
68KG, NIJ-721, NIJ-722, 60AS, 85AS

BS standard (UK)

BS75R, BS80A, BS90A, BS100A, BS113A

UIC (International Union of Railways) standard

UIC54, UIC60

Brazilian standard (Brazil)

TJ57, TJ ASCE 90, TJ UIC60

Peruvian standard (Peru)

75LBS A.S.C.E, 75 LBS BSS, 80 LBS A.S.C.E, TJ BS80A

African standard (Africa)

85LB, 85LB-80LB

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