Rail Spike

A rail spike, also known as a cut spike or crampon, is a large nail which is used to fix rails fastening system to railroad in the track. The main function is to keep the rail in gauge

Rail Spike

At our Rail Spike Workshop Dog spikes of various sizes are available to meet the customized requirements of penetrating length of the spikes. The most popular track spikes are the 5/8” ×6” and 9/16” ×5-1/2” for smaller rail sections, especially in North America, especially US market, and they are usually packed in either 200lbs, 100lbs or 50lbs kegs

Production quality control to rail spike

We pay much attention to the quality control and management to the dog spike production, strictly in accordance with ISO9001-2008 QS. In addition, our rail spikes are approved by China’s Ministry of Railways. What’s more, our production base is equipped with full sets of inspection facilities to ensure the spike quality in order to meet our clients’ requirements.
For the quality control from supplier to finished products, we operate following standard procedures:

  • Test the raw materials on production batch No, chemical compositions, physical properties, etc.
  • The quality controller selects samples from time to time for inspection and quality report issuance.
  • Depending on different requirements, we work out chemical or physical inspection accordingly. If the result disobey our requirement, we refuse the materials, till satisfied finally.
  • For the semi-finished products or outsource parts, we often organize quality control coordination meetings on technical assistance and guidance, aiming to ship qualified products to our customers.





5/8×6 ''

A3,Q235, 45#,55#, etc

According to customer needs.

According to customer’s drawings or samples.

9/16×5-1/2 ''

3/8''×3-1/2 ''