Railroad Frog Bolts

Buckler Railway has been engaged in the manufacture and sale of various railway bolts for a long time. Including some special position bolts, such as railroad frog bolts and bolts for switch and crossing.

Railroad Frog Bolts

Since the railway switch part is the intersection of two or more railways, the train completes the track switching here. Track switching, so that the train to change the direction of running, especially the turnout part of the rail under more vertical pressure and wheel torque than the ordinary section. Therefore, the bolts used for switch and crossing need higher strength support and also have a longer size in order to better fix the steel rails at the transition.

How to Choose Frog Bolts and Clamp Bolt?

With the development of the current railway transportation industry, the weight of trains has increased significantly, and the total weight of the railway crossing part is also increasing. In addition, the turnouts are prone to problems such as poor height, loose tie, mud-pumping. If the quality of the frog bolts is not good, the frog bolts are prone to lose or break. Once it happens, it will lead to poorly fixed turnouts, increase the risk of trains passing through railway crossings, and even cause accidents, endangering driving safety.

  1. First of all, please choose a bolt manufacturer with guaranteed quality for frog bolt to purchase
  2. Secondly, please choose a clamp bolt that matches the railway rail and load. Buckler Railway provides clamp bolts of different strengths, lengths, and specifications. Customers need to choose clamp bolts that are consistent with their own railway projects in order to better tighten the intersections. We have experts in railway equipment to provide you with services 24 hours a day, welcome to send inquiries to inquiries related to clamp bolts.
  3. Third, please regularly inspect and maintain the bolts at railway crossings and turnouts, and increase road inspections in special weather to eliminate hidden dangers in time and ensure railway safety.

Various Clamp Bolt for Railway Switch & Crossing

According to different materials, there are the following types of frog bolt.

Q235 frog bolt, 45# frog bolt, 40Cr frog bolt, 35CrMoA frog bolt,
Q345B frog bolt, Q345D frog bolt, 20MnTiB frog bolt,
TB436-77 ordinary and high-strength threaded spikes,
TB413-75 half-round square diameter bolts, TB414 -75 square head bolts,
TB415-75 stud bolts, TB416-75 rectangular head bolts and other frog bolt.

  • Bolt grade: 4.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 levels are optional
  • Specifications: M4-M120    Length 12mm-3000mm
  • Application: widely used in many fields such as construction, machinery, railways, lifting, steel, power plants, ports, metallurgy and so on.

We have US frog bolt for sale, and we support special customization of frog bolts and nuts. For example, we once customized a lockring for a customer.

Specifications of US frog bolt and security lock nut

US frog bolt

  • Heat Treat: SAE J429 Grade 8
  • Core Hardness: Rc 33-39
  • Min Tensile: 150,000PS
  • Min Yield: 130,000PSI

Security lock nut

  • Prevailing Torque–IFI-100/107 standard
  • Material Property: SAE J995/ASTM A563
  • Threads-Class 2B(UNC&UNF)