Russian Rail Clip

Rail clips are a crucial component of railway fastening systems, and their excellent elasticity and stable fixation performance are crucial for ensuring the safety and stability of railway transportation. In Russian speaking countries, railway clips have been widely used for different types of railway lines and transportation conditions.

Russian Rail Clip

Our Russian standard rail clip product series is specifically designed for the railway transportation needs of the Russian speaking countires, and all comply with GOST and other standards, with excellent durability and reliable performance. We provide various models and specifications of rail clip products, such as ZhBR TsP 369.102 rail clip (Клемма пружинная ЖБР ЦП 369.102), ARS-04.04.001-01 rail clip (K л E мм APC-04.04.001-01), OST-32.156-2000 rail clip (Клемма пружинная прутковая ОСТ 32.156-2000), as well as some rail clips used on subway and crane rail lines, such as SB rail clip (Клемма пружинная СБ для скрепления рельсов), KDP-M TsP511 rail clip (Клемма пружинная КДП-М ЦП511 для метро) etc.

In addition to the Russian standard rail clip, we also provide Russian standard rail clamp products that also have the function of fixing steel rails. For example, the rail clamp(Kлeммa пpoмeжутoчнaя ПK) used for KB-65, KB-50, and KD-65 railway fastening systems.

As a reliable supplier of rail clips, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality, reliable, and durable railway elastic strip products to ensure the stability and safety of the railway system. Our products undergo strict quality control and certification to perform excellently in various complex transportation environments.

ZhBR TsP 369.102 Rail Clip

Applicable scope: ZhBR-65,ZhBR-65Sh, ZhBR-65ShM, ZhBR-65P,SM-1 rail fastening systems.
Material: 60S2A grade hot rolled steel in accordance with GOST 14959, with a diameter of 17 mm.

APC-04.04.001-01 Rail Clip

Applicable scope: ARS-04 rail fastening systems

APC-04 rail clips are made of d-16/d-17 mm steel rods, with grades of 60C2A, 60C2XA, and 60C2 Ф XA.

OST 32.156-2000 Rail Clip

OST 32.156-2000 rail clips are mainly used in KB and KD railway fastener systems as part of the fastener system to fasten R65 or R50 rails to tie plate.

The OST 32.156-2000 rail clip is made of spring steel and undergoes a certain degree of deformation during fastener installation and train operation. This deformation can help effectively reduce the impact and vibration on the steel rail when the train passes through.

SB Rail Clip

Applicable scope: SB rail clips are suitable for railway fastener systems on R65 type rails, as well as other types of rail fastener systems.
Material: The SB rail clip is made of circular rolled steel with a diameter of 16mm.

KDP-M TsP511 Rail Clip

Applicable scope: KDP-M rail clips are commonly used for connecting the intermediate links and turnout parts of subway tracks.
Weight: 0.65kg
Dimensions (length, width, height): 90 x 84 x 80mm